Why use a Celebrant?

Julie Wilson

Independent Celebrant


Ceremonies created with you, for you.

So why would you use a Celebrant?


A Celebrant is someone trained to help you pay tribute, celebrate or simply say goodbye in the way you want to. Despite active religious observance being less prevalent now than it was even ten or twenty years ago, many people are unaware that you do not have to have religious ceremonies for funerals, the exchanging of vows or baby namings. If a vicar, minister or priest is what you want, then that's great - there will always be one to conduct your ceremony. But what if you want to observe some religion, whilst tailoring the rest of the service to the occasion? What if you are not religious at all and a religious service would be totally inappropriate? Then the services of an Independent Celebrant may be just what you are looking for.


With an Independent Celebrant, the emphasis is on you. Our job is to design and create the best service for the occasion. If it is a funeral, you will want to know that you did the best for your loved one, that he or she was celebrated in a way they would have liked, and in a way that reflected their personality. You will want to feel that everybody at the service had a chance to say goodbye to the person they knew, and a Celebrant will help you to achieve that. Experiencing grief is difficult enough - a Celebrant will support you through the arrangement process in a sympathetic and respectful way.


In the same way, a Celebrant will also help you to design those once-in-a-lifetime joyful occasions that will remain in your memories for ever. Weddings and Civil Partnerships, for instance, can take place anywhere once the legalities have been completed at your local Register Office, and along with Baby Namings, can be crafted so that the smallest detail is not overlooked, and so that you carry with you perfect memories of the perfect day.


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